5 Ways To Keep Your Dog's Teeth Healthy

26 September 2016
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Canine teeth both look and function different from human teeth, but the steps that you would take to care for them aren't that dissimilar. Unlike humans, dogs can't tell you when they're experiencing a toothache or even when they feel a piece of food stuck between their teeth. If you read up on these five simple ways to keep your dog's teeth clean, you will be able to protect your dog's oral health with ease.

1. Consult With Your Veterinarian About Full Cleanings  Like humans, some dogs need to have their teeth cleaned more often than others. If you properly clean your dog's teeth on a regular basis, you probably won't need to take him or her in for a full cleaning more than once a year, or perhaps even less often than that. Some dog breeds are more prone to plaque buildup than others, so talk to your veterinarian about what will work best in your particular case.

2. Make Sure Your Dog Gets Enough Water  Giving your dog plenty of fresh, clean drinking water throughout the day will help to prevent your pet from overeating and seeking out other foods to snack on. In addition, you can actually add vet-approved oral care additives to your pet's water to help reduce bacteria and promote fresh breath, all while keeping your dog happy and hydrated.

3. Brush Your Dog's Teeth Regularly  Brushing your pet's teeth on a daily basis is one of the most important things you can do to help ward off disease and keep veterinarian visits to a minimum. You will need to get your dog accustomed to sitting down and staying still long enough for you to brush all of his or her teeth, but the end results will definitely pay off with time.

4. Feed Your Dog The Right Food  Your veterinarian may have given a list of reasons you why you should avoid feeding your dog table scraps, but a lot of people fail to heed this advice because they aren't aware of the full extent of the potential consequences. Feeding your dog dry foods isn't just good for digestion and bone health—dry dog food is simply best for your pet's teeth.

5. Choose Treats That Are Best For Canine Teeth  Some dogs behave better when they know that a tasty treat is coming. While you don't want to give your dog too many treats, choosing the right kind of doggie snack is even more important. Choose hard dog treats instead of the kind that is soft to the touch so that your dog's teeth stay strong and healthy.

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