3 Signs That A Breeder Is Responsible

8 December 2016
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If you are looking to purchase a dog that has a pedigree line from a breeder, it is important that you use a responsible breeder who treats their dogs humanly and who takes responsibility for the placement of all of their puppies. Here are three signs that you should look for that will indicate if the breeder you want to work with is responsible or not.

#1 Encourages You To Bond With The Puppy

One of the first signs that a breeder is responsible is that they require you to visit their house in person and actually meet and bond with the potential puppy you are interested in. Depending on how early you find the breeder and express interest in potentially purchasing a puppy from them, a responsible breeder will have you visit with the puppy's mother; this is a good way for the breeder to judge how you interact with dogs and make sure that you have the right touch.

You should be able to meet the puppy more than once, and bring your entire family along so they can all have a chance to meet and bond with the puppy. A responsible breeder wants their puppies to click with their adoptive families.

#2 Keeps Their Dogs Like Pets

You don't want to purchase a puppy from someone who keeps their dogs locked up in cages all day without the ability to stretch their legs, play, and interact like a normal dog would. You don't want to purchase a puppy from what is referred to as a puppy mill, which is when a breeder runs an operation only for the purpose of making money off the puppies and doesn't care for the welfare of the dogs in their care.

When you visit the breeder's home, the mother dog and puppies should be treated like regular pets. They should have nice, clean areas for resting, playing, and eating. They should not be afraid of visitors and should be comfortable with people stopping by. They should interact like normal pets would.

#3 Has Detailed Veterinarian Records

You also want to purchase from a breeder who is responsible with the care of the mother and father as well as the puppies. A responsible breeder should be able to show you papers that detail the care that the puppy's parents have received as well as all the care that the puppies have received so far in their lives. Ideally, they will have one vet's office that they have a long-term relationship with; this will show you that their dogs are getting consistent care.

Make sure that the dog breeder you purchase your new puppy from treats all their dogs with compassion and care and desires you to have a real connection with the puppy that you take home to become a part of your family.