Stop The Spray: Curbing Cat Communication In Its Smelly Tracks

28 December 2015
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Cat spray is a common concern for pet owners. Spray is similar to urine, but it is used by cats to mark their territory. Cats turn their backs to a surface and spray the substance from their glands, sort of like a skunk would do. If you are struggling to deal with your cat's method of communication, understanding why he is doing it can be helpful. You may have wished at some point that your cat had a cell phone so you could send important messages back home: Read More 

Potential Holiday Pet Dangers

18 December 2015
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Do you own a cat or a dog? Are you wondering if your pet is seriously ill or if what they're doing is normal? The holidays can be a time of excitement for your pet, as well as presenting new hazards. Here are some things to look out for: Turkey carcass: When you throw your turkey bones away, your pet will probably be attracted to the delicious smell. Unfortunately, cooked bones can splinter into dangerously sharp pieces when your pet chews on them. Read More 

Helping Newborn Puppies Go To The Bathroom

19 August 2015
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If you're like most people, you love newborn puppies, especially when they get to be a few weeks old and can begin playing with you. However, sometimes getting these little guys and gals to that point is a little difficult if their mother has rejected them, or if for some reason the puppy is an orphan. If you're finding yourself in this situation, making sure that the puppy is able to go to the bathroom is important, and it's likely that help from you is required. Read More 

Why Should Pets Be Spayed And Neutered?

13 August 2015
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Some pet owners may feel uncomfortable having their pets spayed or neutered. They see their pets as family members, or even as their children, and resist the idea of forced sterilization. While humans and their pets both have instinctual drives to reproduce, pets possess only limited reasoning skills, and their mating is cyclical in nature, so they cannot control their impulses when a female animal is in estrus (heat). Benefits of spaying and neutering your pets Read More 

Be A Ray Of Sunshine - How To Help A Blind Dog Adjust

10 August 2015
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If your pet is experiencing loss of vision – either sudden or gradual – it can be a confusing and disorienting time both for you and for your pet. What can you do to care for your four-legged friend during this time? First, understand that a blind or low-vision dog can enjoy a full and happy life. Humans often find blindness devastating due to two factors: loss of independence and the fact that vision is a primary sense in people. Read More