4 Tips For Living With A New Blind Dog

9 March 2015
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If you have a new dog that is blind, you can still enjoy having it in your life, but you do have to raise it a little differently. Below are four tips to help your dog live a happy life.

Use Bells

If you have other animals, use a collar with a bell on it. This may get on your nerves a little, but it does help your blind dog to know where the other animals are. This can aid it in playing with the animals, such as running around, as they will be able to follow the sounds. Consider putting bells on your shoes if you have no other animals. When your dog wants to cuddle or just be around you, it can easily find you.

Use Scents

Dogs have a great sense of smell and you can use scents to help guide it around. You could wear a certain scent yourself every day. It will not take him or her long to associate that scent with you.  You can purchase scented discs at many pet stores. These discs are scented with cinnamon, clove, and more. Always use one scent for your dog so he or she does not get confused.

You could place the scents near table or chair legs, furniture, stairs, etc., to help your dog know when it is coming up to something. Place discs in the doorways of your home. Place a scent near the door where your dog goes out when it needs to go to the bathroom. You may want to place a scent near its water and food bowl. Over time, he or she will automatically know where these places are, but until then these scents are a big lifesaver.

Textured Rugs

Textured rugs are helpful for your dog. Place them in different areas of your home leading to rooms, such as your bedroom, into the kitchen, dining room, etc. Make sure they are textured enough so your dog can easily feel it when it steps on the rugs.

Use Cushions

To keep your dog safe, cushion any areas that would harm or hurt it if he or she walked into it. For example, you should put them on the edges of tables, furniture, and cabinets. No matter what you do, he or she will run into things. You can purchase corner edges at most home supply stores, and stores that sell baby products.

Once your blind dog gets use to everything around your home, he or she will run around and play as if it could see. You should also take your dog to the vet clinic for regular checkups, which can also keep a watch on their eye condition.