4 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Cat Indoors

18 May 2015
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As a cat owner, it is up to you to keep your cat safe and secure. If you are adopting a cat or kitten, start their life out right by keeping them indoors. Veterinarians will recommend your cat stay indoors if at all possible in order for them to live a longer life protected from outdoor risks. Here are four reasons why keeping your cat indoors is best for their health.

1. Protect Your Cat from Diseases and Illnesses

Keeping your cat indoors will keep them free of diseases and parasites. There are too many factors in the outside world that can bother your cat. This can lead repeated visits to the veterinarian for ticks, worms, and skin problems. Indoor cats stay healthier because they aren't exposed to the same environmental factors as outdoor cats.

2. Protect Your Cat From Feral Cats and Wildlife

Keeping your cat away from other outdoor feral cats and other wild animals will keep them from getting into fights and possibly being attacked. Even if you live in an urban environment, there can still be wildlife that can pose a danger for your cat. Hawks, raccoons and other feral cats can all threaten your cat's safety.

3. Keep Your Cat from Getting Lost

Cats can have more chances of getting lost if they spend time outdoors. They might get locked in a garage or fall into some other situation where they can't get home. Neighbors may not know that your cat is a pet, and may have your cat picked up by the local shelter. If you have recently moved to a new home, your cat may become disoriented or try to find their way back to their old home.

4. Keep Your Cat Safe From Injury

Cats can run into all sorts of dangers in the outdoors, such as watching out for cars or traps intended for other wildlife. Cats might get into poison intended for rodents, which can lead to illness or fatality. Make sure that your cat doesn't get themselves in situations where they can be injured by keeping them indoors and under your watch.

If you are getting a new cat or kitten, consult with your veterinarian what the best options are for your cat. As a professional, they can help you decide if your cat would benefit from being an indoor cat. These days there might too much at risk for a cat to be outdoors.