Four Ways To Prepare Your Anxious Dog For The Vet

30 June 2015
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If you have an overly anxious dog, they might not be equipped to handle the vet's office. It is up to you to make these kinds of trips feel like business as usual and not raise any red flags for your dog. Here are four ways that you can get your dog emotionally ready for trips to the vet.

1. Car Rides Don't Mean Vet Time

If your dog primarily stays at home, it might be time to get them out of the house a little more. Try to incorporate small trips for you dog that involve fun things, such as walks further from your home or taking them to the pet store. If your dog doesn't immediately associate car rides with going to the vet, they will oblige you and go ahead for any rides on offer.

2. Grooming and Doggy Daycare

If your dog has other appointments with professionals other than just the vet, this will normalize having other people take charge. A couple of days a month at doggy daycare can get your anxious dog out of their shell. Taking your dog in for grooming is another great way to have a different activity for your dog. They will soon come to enjoy trips out and won't be so nervous at the vet since this is just part of the routine.

3. Request Separate Entrance

If your dog isn't great around other dogs, don't put them in a situation that they can't handle. The waiting room may be filled with other dogs so find out if you can come in through a side entrance directly to the checkup room. Your dog can get the care they need without the vet's office feeling like social hour. Other pets and owners might be scared which can also rub off on your pet, especially in an emergency veterinary situation.

4. Find a Vet Your Pooch Loves

You never know who your dog might warm up to. If they seem nervous or standoffish with your vet, you can always shop around to see if there might be a better fit. Some dogs might be scared of men in general so if your vet's office has a female vet or vet tech this might ease your dog's nerves.

Having an anxious dog isn't something that you will be able to cure overnight. If you can normalize going to the vet, your dog might be able to handle this better. You owe it to your dog to make vet visits more fun and less traumatizing.

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